Better-Reviews Top 10 Toasters

This page is dedicated to our Top 10 Toasters. We are satisfied that as of early 2012, these toasters are the best currently on sale in the UK.

Toasters are funny old things, because while they are not very expensive, we all have experiences that define what we expect from our toaster.

Some will argue in favour of warming racks, while others will tell tales of how easy it is to get bagels out of their toaster. Some insist on chrome, while others can't stand it, and we all seem to agree that we don't like having to wait too long for our toasted snacks.

In this page, we will outline ten of the current two, four and six slice toasters. We hope you will find what you are looking for.


First up is the Breville VTT214. It is a Polished Stainless Steel 2 Slice Toaster.

Guide Price : £25

This particular model comes with some great features including reheat, that lets you warm up toasted teacakes, bagels, or anything else that has gone cold, a defrost setting which is great sorting out slices of frozen bread, a cancel button to make it pop up, and an extra-high lift feature for easy toast removal. All these great features apart though, the bonus feature has to be this toasters ability to lift the toast high while cooking, so that you can check progress without having to cancel the toasting cycle.

Can it make nice toast? You bet it can. Pretty fast too. Nice and evenly done every time, and with wide slots, bagels and buns are not going to be a problem. The ability to lift the rack higher than normal means that you can remove those teacakes without having to burn your fingers or master the delicate art of fishing with a fork. As you can guess, there is a selector that lets you choose between barely warmed bread, and a char-grilled slab, with the usual variety of much better options in between.


This is a fast consistent toaster, with nice blue illumination on the controls, and the quick peek option is a winner too.


The crumb tray is a bit tricky to remove without making a mess

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Next is the Amazing 2 slice Tefal Toast n’ Egg

Guide Price : £50

Knowing that the egg is a great friend of toast, the brains at Tefal have brought them even closer, making this device a two in one toaster and egg maker.

The Toast n’ Egg offers you the ability to prepare egg on toast with simplicity in mind. You can either use the steamer tray for hard boiling eggs, or add the poaching tray for poaching. It has wide slots for toast, muffins, teacakes or bagels, and a warming tray for heating croissants or keeping pre-cooked meats warm. The food warming tray is just perfect for keeping some bacon or sausages warm, while you wait for the intended recipient to get dressed.

The poacher and boiler are well thought out, and can either poach an egg, or boil up to four eggs in one go. All parts of the Toast n’ Egg are quite easy to keep clean, though you will find it a bit of a dust magnet. Also, it makes the toast pop up higher than normal, so it is great for getting smaller items out.


The Toast n’ Egg makes nice evenly cooked toast, has a great warming tray, and the attached egg poacher/boiler is outstanding, also, it’s a fabulous looking piece of kitchenware.


Toasting is a bit on the slow side, the crumb tray is fiddly, and tall bread sticks out, so needs to be rotated mid way to cook evenly, and it can only poach one egg at a time

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Next we have a Real Eye Catcher, in the Colourful Form of the Dualit 2 Slice Toaster in Canary Yellow

Guide Price : £120

This toaster combines ease of use with class and sophistication. First off, it has its award winning ProHeat elements. These give you dramatically increased toasting efficiency & element longevity. Combine that with the fact that all parts are replaceable on this model, so even when it eventually dies, years from now. Repair is simple, so no need to throw it away.

Then you get the visual style. Which is very pleasing and would work well to enhance many decor schemes. The extra wide slots are very accommodating, and easily accept sandwich racks

As well as the standard removable crumb tray, you get an adjustable rear foot that allows you to tweak the stability of the toaster, for use on more rustic and uneven surfaces. Manually operated, it has controls to let you select the level of browning, and an ejector system which means that the toast does not pop up but stays warm until the ejector lever is pushed up.


The biggest difference with a more expensive toaster such as this, is that it toasts rapidly, so the outside is crispy and brown, while the inside has not dried out. This makes for perfect toast every time. Suffice it to say, we are great fans.


The outside can get quite hot, and it is quite expensive.

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Next up is the Russell Hobbs 2-Slice Classic Toaster in Polished Stainless Steel

Guide Price : £30

The first thing that you will notice is the striking highly polished finish with black accents. It has that retro seventies look, and it works well.

Simplicity and classic design are key to this 2-slice toaster, as well as high performance for the price. It has the extra depth slots required to take the taller slices you get from some bread. Especially bread machines. It can also handle a decent width.

Due to the depth of slot, some shorter slices can be a little tricky to get out, but there is a high lift feature to assist with this.

It also has a frozen bread setting that worked well in tests. The frozen bread can also be used to reheat toast.

What is the toast like? Well, we found that it worked very well on large slices. Making crisp, delicious toast, but it had to be turned down to a lower setting when cooking a small slice.

Overall, we were very impressed with the consistent standard of toast produced, the range of slice sizes that it handled, and the price.


A great looker that can make great toast at a great price.


The outside can get quite hot, and removing smaller slices can sometimes require tongs.

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The Breville TT33 Café series is the first of our four slice toasters

Guide Price : £125

This four slot, four slice aluminium and stainless steel toaster from the Café series is pretty cool. It has an industrial feel to it, that adds a significant impact to the kitchen. In tests, it consistently produced mighty fine toast. with good even coverage

Essentially, this is two 2 slice toasters in one. The advantage of this is immediately apparent in that each pair of slots has its own set of controls, meaning that you can still have well done toast while toasting the other two slices lighter for someone else.

As well as dual control, this toaster features extra-deep, variable width slots, a crumpet function - which offers the greater toasting of one side compared to the other, reheat, defrost, and mid-cycle cancel, plus an extra-high lift feature for easy toast removal

Made from heavy-duty die-cast aluminium with a stylish stainless steel finish this robust toaster is a real winner for any family


A realk looker that can make great toast.


The outside can get quite hot, and some might argue that the styling is too industrial. Also expensive

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Next up is Breville’s Silver, Two Slot, Four Slice Toaster

Guide Price : £20

This toaster is a great two slot four slice model on a budget price. What we liked here was that while it is perfect for four slices of standard square loaf, it also doubles up as a two slice toaster for the giant slices that you get with some breads. You just lay them on their side, and they fit a treat.

With variable browning control and variable width slots this toaster cooks a nice piece of toast. The browning is consistent, and covers the slice well.

Features include reheat, defrost, mid-cycle cancel and extra-high lift for easy toast removal. It also has red illuminated buttons for easy use.

All in all, one of the best budget 4 slice toaster around, but not suited to toasting large slices more than two at a time.

Our only criticism of this toaster would be the colour. As while Breville describe it as silver, we found it to be more of a metallic grey.


Great value. A versitile toaster for the smaller family. It makes very nice toast


We were not sure that we liked the colour, as grey is a little drab. Also, it is limited to toasting two at a time for larger slices.

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Next up we have the De'Longhi Icona Four-Slice Toaster In Black

Guide Price : £50

This is the exclusive Icona in an Onyx Black fingerprint-resistant glossy finish. It is a 1.8 kW toaster, for rapid toasting. As with the Breville Café series we reviewed above, this toaster offers 2-slice operation, with variable browning control and variable width slots

The Icona features controls for the reheat, defrost, bagel and cancel functions, and has a high-lift position for removing small items and extra-deep crumb tray.

Inspired by the classic styling of 50s Italy, the Icona undoubtedly adds quality and style to any kitchen. Featuring a unique three-layer high-gloss paint finish, chrome detailing and a solid, quality build. We liked its toast making abilities as well. It can make toast very quickly, giving that crisper, fresher result usually seen by more expensive toasters.

Designed to toast four slices, you can of course, use just two slots, allowing you to save energy. There are neon indicator function lights and electronic controls for its reheat, defrost, bagel and cancel functions.

The variable browning control features six levels of browning to help you achieve your perfect toast colour, while the variable width slots increase your choice of bread shapes and sizes and the extra-lift facility makes it easy to remove even the smallest items and slices.

The Icona's extra-deep crumb tray is quite useful, as you don’t tend to spill as much when getting it out.

All in all, a classy piece of kitchen electronics, that carries out its tasks with ease, providing excellent results.


A great looker that can make great toast at a great price.


The outside can get quite hot, and removing smaller slices can sometimes require tongs.

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And for the last of our Four Slice Toasters, We Have The Breville Opula Collection Stainless Steel 4 Slice Toaster in Carnelian Red

Guide Price : £40

This toaster has a premium and quite unique red pearlescent painted finish, just like you would expect to see on a high quality custom painted vehicle. It really does have quite some visual impact.

It is a four slot, four slice toaster with variable width bread slots, and one of the few models we have tested that has the rather useful lift and look function, which gives the ability to lift the toast high while cooking, so that you can check progress without having to cancel the toasting cycle.

There are the usual browning control, reheat function, defrost setting, and cancel button. It also has illuminated controls.


It cooks each slice of to

ast evenly. At great price too. Top points for style.


The nice, clear controls feel a little bit low budget.

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Now we have a Six Slice model, in the Shape of the Dualit Stainless Steel 6 Slice Toaster

Guide Price : £215

This Dualit Toaster is excellent for those families who spend half of breakfast on toast duty. While usually, six slice toaster are only for the realm of commercial kitchens, manufacturers are now wising up to the need for this quantity of toast in larger families.

Talk about making life easy, just load her up two times running, and you will have 12 delicious slices of toast ready to go. Yet conversely, if once all the family is out, and you just fancy a couple of slices, it’s not a problem with this toasters energy saving 2, 4 or 6 slice option.

The toast is evenly cooked, and the styling combines simplicity and sophistication perfectly. With wide enough slots to include a sandwich cage

Amazingly, Dualit toasters are assembled by hand. You can even see the personal mark of your toasters assembler underneath.


Dualit’s award winning ProHeat elements increases toasting efficiency and element durability. The energy saving 2, 4 or 6 slice option is excellent. The ejector system ensures your toast does not pop up but stays warm until the ejector lever is pushed up.


The outside can get very hot with use. It’s expensive.

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And we end the current line up with Burco's 6 Slot Stainless steel Toaster

Guide Price : £200

This model from Burco is sold as a commercial catering toaster but has nowadays been adopted by many a families kitchen.

The chrome design looks really nice, and it is good to know that it is robustly designed to give years of reliable service.

You have a variable timer control allowing you to select your preferred shade of toast, a high lift mechanism for smaller items, and a crumb tray.

There is also the option to switch between 3 and 6 slice mode, for those less demanding times. All in all, a good six slice option.


High quality of manufacture, ease of use and the energy saving 3 slice mode.


Can get very hot during use.

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